Henry Co. furnace explosion serves as warning for others

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HENRY COUNTY, Tenn. — Two Henry County residents are recovering from a gas explosion that occurred when they tried to light their pilot light for their furnace. This serves as a warning to others who begin to use their furnace for the first time this season. Lighting a furnace can be a dangerous job, and Jackson fire officials have begun to provide information on how to avoid such disasters. “Anytime an individual or homeowner is lighting their furnace for the first time, it’s great to have a professional inspect the furnace for them,” said Rico Bryson with the Jackson Fire Department. These professionals also provided some tips to those who may be considering doing this on their own. “We service a lot of calls around this time of year,” said Nick Hayes, comfort specialist with McCoy’s Heating and Air. “It’s important to get a trained professional to do preventive maintenance. This eliminates risk and other future repairs from likely happening.” Hayes and Bryson both warned about the dangers of carbon monoxide and how deadly it can be. They stressed the importance of getting a carbon monoxide alarm or having them checked if you already have one.

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