Apartments demolished after court orders to tear building down

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WEST JACKSON — Flames that took down one section of Guardian Courts Apartments in January have caused a long process on deciding whether to repair or tear it down. The demolition process began Tuesday. “I think it just took a little while to get all the permits and everything in order to be able to take the building down,” contractor Lou Bosco said. Residents said it is bittersweet to see the place they used to live coming down. “I’m just glad to see the thing is going down so we don’t have to see that anymore,” resident Terrelle Wilson said. The demolition begins 10 months after a fire forced tenants out of their apartments, and some area residents said it could not have happened soon enough. “Living right across the street, it smells awful, and kids playing around it is dangerous,” neighbor Madell McCurry said. “So I’m glad to see it’s coming down today. I’m really happy.” Property owner Paul Mundt is not thrilled about the demolition. “We’re losing six units,” Mundt said. “That’s low-income housing that could’ve been made available again within a few months.” Mundt said the process has been frustrating because he does not feel the city worked with him enough and did not appreciate efforts to rebuild. “We need to improve the relationship between the city and potential investors coming to town,” Mundt said. Mundt said for now, when the area is demolished and cleaned out, it will become a grassy area for residents to enjoy. Mundt was told when he went to environmental court last month he would have to pay $50 each day the building was not torn down.

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