BBQ restaurant in Brownsville called Celebration of Southern Barbecue

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BROWNSVILLE, Tenn.– A small West Tennessee barbecue joint was featured on Yahoo News as a celebration of classic southern barbecue. Owner Helen Turner said she has been in business for more than 18 years and that she owed her success to her customers and old style way of cooking. She saw more customers than usual after being featured as part of Yahoo’s “Y’ALL Week.” “It’s helping out real good, cause I got a lot of people coming in and out of town. I just had people in here yesterday from Spain,” said Turner. Helen was secretive about her mouth-watering recipe. She only said she used hickory and oak woods. One thing she was not shy about was succeeding as a woman in this male dominated industry. “If a woman’s trying to do it, she can do it, cause I did it,” said Turner. Inside the small restaurant., Helen is practically a one-woman show. It keeps her customers coming back, so does her secret sauce. Robbie Holt is a resident in Memphis, but said she does not hesitate to visit Helen’s when she is in town. “Sometimes we buy the whole pork shoulder she cooked, and take it with us when we’re visiting relatives in North Carolina,” said Holt. Right now Helen says she is looking forward to more years meeting new people and sharing what she loves. Helen’s BBQ has also been featured in other publications like Southern Living and Southern Food Ways. The restaurant is located at 1016 N. Washington Ave in Brownsville.

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