Church builds giant crosses for community

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MILAN, Tenn.–A portion of Highway 45 has new landscaping. Three crosses, between 18 and 24 feet high now adorn the lawn of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. “This has never been about making the property look better or drawing attention to our denomination. It has always been about bearing witness of the love and grace of God for all human kind,” said Pastor Doy Daniels. Combined, the steel crosses weigh almost 2 tons. Church members said the monument is non-denominational and for anyone in the community to enjoy. “Our vision was to reach to the lost, help the saved, and really want the whole community to be enthused about the whole crosses,” said Douglas Oakley, Chairman on the property team for the church. Eventually, the plan is to have the crosses lit up with a spotlight and add a prayer bench. “If they’ve lost a loved one, or close friend and they just want to look at the crosses and pray and have a great feeling about that then that’s what the signs are for,” said Oakley. Members said this project has been in the works for eight years. Oakley said when the church took on construction of a $1M fellowship hall and commercial kitchen, construction of the crosses was not a priority. Oakley said members still could not walk away from the idea of building the memorial, so they kept moving forward with the plans. The cost is estimated at less than $20,000, paid for purely from donations by the congregation.

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