Energy saving tips for the coming cold weather

Here are some quick energy saving tips:

1. Set your thermostat on 68 in the winter and 75 in the summer. For every one degree above either one of these standards you add 5 percent excess costs to your utility bill.
2. Change your air filters every one to three months for optimum performance of your heating and air system.
3. Wrap your water heater in an insulated blanket whether it be in a basement, garage or attic.
4. Disconnect hoses outdoors as the temperatures plummet below freezing. Cap off the faucets as well to prevent fittings from bursting.
5. Do not close off rooms, especially in situations where you have central heating or air since it will end up costing you a lot more due to the system working harder.
6. Keep an eye out on how long snow or frost sits on your roof. This will determine the insulation rating in your attic and how much cold air is getting in.
7. Close up any loose cracks in doors or windows. Wrap windows in insulated plastic or use weatherstripping to block the cold drafts from coming in.

For more information visit the Jackson Energy Authority website or


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