Is your house prepared for wintry weather?

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JACKSON, Tenn. — Even though it is still technically fall on the calendar, it is about to feel a lot like Winter in West Tennessee. “Check for all the hoses to be off the house and unplugged with the faucets capped off to prevent the pipes from bursting,” said Melinda Stewart, a Jackson area resident. Melinda Stewart is prepping her house now for that “Arctic Chill” expected to move in by mid-week. Bruce Dorris with Jackson Energy Authority said there are things you can do now, just like Stewart to save on your utility bill later. “Key to keeping your bills from being outrageous is to watch two things your heating and air and water heater. These are the two biggest things you pay for every month,” sai Bruce Dorris, Commercial Relations Manager for the Jackson Energy Authority. Morris reminds customers to keep a close eye on their thermostat settings. “Here is a key to remember for every 1 degree above 68 degrees it’s gonna cost you about 5 percent on your heating bill. So for every 1 degree it adds up pretty quickly. Just think per 1 degree above 68 degrees you are paying 5% percent more in your utility bill,” said Dorris. Dorris said there is one think you can do that’s a sure thing for cutting cost this winter. “Any blocking of cold weather drafts that you can do is always gonna save you money. If it’s plastic sheeting on windows or if its weather stripping around doors. These simple things can make huge differences even in the short term.” Dorris said. Dorris does not recommend closing off rooms if you have central heating and air. He says it could actually make your unit work harder costing you more money. For more ways to save on your utility bill, just look under the “Seen on 7” section.

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