Thanksgiving Craft- Simple Centerpiece

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Thanksgiving is almost here, and when you’re set to make a huge meal for your family, you might not have the budget for large, elaborate decorations. Over the next three weeks, we’ll bring you different crafts you can make to get your home into the holiday spirit…all while maintaining a budget. This first craft is a simple fall centerpiece. What you’ll need: 1) a plate 2) a hurricane vase 3) pine cones, real or fake (we used fake ones) 4) a small candle 5) dry beans (we used kidney beans, but you can use whatever kind you prefer) 6) small, plastic pumpkins What to do: 1) Gather materials. 2) Place hurricane vase in the center of the plate. 3) Arrange pine cones around the hurricane vase as you like. Save some space for the pumpkins. You can add one, both, or neither one. 4) Add beans to the bottom of the hurricane vase. Fill the vase up about a third of the way. (This really depends on the size of the candle and the size of the vase. If your vase is large and your candle isn’t, add more beans to the bottom of the vase to make the candle appear taller.) 5) Add candle to the middle of the vase; press into beans so it stands firm. 6) Light candle. This cost us about $12 to make, and the idea came from Pinterest. Join us next week for another fun, affordable craft you can use to impress your guests at Thanksgiving.

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