Woman’s wallet stolen with elderly mother’s social security money

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DRESDEN, Tenn. — A West Tennessee woman who helps care for her sick family had her wallet and hundreds of dollars taken from her. Marisa Gallimore was wishing for a little birthday luck on Thursday, hoping whoever grabbed her wallet would see this story and return it. Gallimore spends her days caring for her mother and younger brother who is undergoing treatment for lung cancer. Her mother suffers from dementia and diabetes and her husband is the only one who can work. “It’s just so hard for him to make the bills and then for me to lose my mother’s check i can’t help him at all,” Gallimore said. Gallimore’s wallet was stolen Monday shortly after she cashed her mother’s nearly $900 social security check. “It’s just been a lot of expense and for me to lose that much money at one time it’s such a hardship,” Gallimore said. Gallimore said when she stopped at the Kountry Korner she must have dropped it in the parking lot. “There’s so many vulnerable people out there and the elderly too and especially this time of year people are mean,” Gallimore said. Dresden Police Officer Gary Eddings said they have made no arrests. He said this time of year these types of crimes tend to go up. “It’s Christmas time, the holidays, always keep your cars locked this here was just a case of the wallet fell out as she was exiting the vehicle,” Eddings said. Eddings is hopeful the person who picked up Gallimore’s wallet will return it and so is she. “They didn’t steal from me, they stole from my mother and that’s hurtful,” Gallimore said. Officer Eddings said shoplifting and car burglaries significantly increase this time of year. The department has looked at the store’s surveillance video and is looking at any possible leads.

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