Brownsville restaurant gets reboot for new reputation

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — A restaurant in Brownsville has a new name and new location. Owners said they are glad to throw away the stigma of racism at their old location. Elise Clinton is the owner of Mindfield Grill at the new location off Main Street in Brownsville. The business was formerly known as the Kreame Kastle. The old location has been in business since the 1950s, and Clinton said with its history of segregation, it was bad for business. “It’s so nice to have a chance to have these new customers, and to be exposed to people who didn’t want to come there,” Clinton said. Kitchen manager Nakia Genesy said she hopes these changes will bring in different perspectives. “The old place, it was kind of hard dealing with that,” Genesy said. “A lot of people still bring that to the Mindfield, but I just kind of let them know that’s not what we’re about Clinton said the Mindfield sculpture brought in 20,000 visitors last year. They are hoping to see that number triple because of the new Tina Turner museum. Clinton said the new location, with namesake approval from the Mindfield artist himself, is doing well and that they are taking a creative approach with more private seating for customers. For more information, visit the Facebook page for MindField Grill.

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