911 dispatch board reviews recommendations

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BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — 911 Board members of Brownsville and Haywood County met Tuesday to review recommendations on improving the dispatch center. Starla Singleton, director of the Brownsville-Haywood County Dispatch Center, broke into tears during the meeting. “Make your own opinions, but unless you’re in there and can actually see what’s going on, you will never know,” Singleton said. Contractor Mark Grant led the discussion, which was focused on suggestions to improve the dispatch center. An increase in training for the 911 director was first on the list. “We’re gonna work with management later on in the year to provide a management improvement plan as well as with leadership and public safety in Haywood County,” Grant said. Grant said the current plan is for Singleton to receive professional development certifications and leadership training but that the responders lack training as well. He said the answer is in a form of field training where departments would figuratively walk in the other person’s shoes to better understand what others go through, increasing communication. “Hopefully bridging the gap between the 911 center dispatcher as well as the public safety responders,” Grant said. Singleton said her department is willing to do whatever it takes to improve their performance. “I’m still the 911 director, and I will continue to be, and my girls are still going to be hard-working employees, and we’re just going to strive to be our best.,” Singleton said. Board members said they will consistently meet to review the progress made by the dispatch center under these new recommendations. The next meeting is planned for Jan. 20.

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