Thanksgiving Craft 2- Fun Fall Foliage

This video is no longer available.

Thanksgiving is only a few days away, and when you’re set to make a huge meal for your family, you might not have the budget for elaborate decorations. You also might not have the time set aside to create a large, ornate centerpiece for your table. Over the next few weeks, we’ll bring you different crafts you can make to get your home into the holiday spirit, all while maintaining a budget. This second craft is another easy fall centerpiece. What you’ll need: 1) Mason jars (for a project of this size, we used 4: 2 medium and 2 large) 2) a plate 3) fall leaves (you can use real ones, but we used fake ones) 4) scissors 5) twine What to do: 1) Open all 4 jars and set lids aside. 2) Take leaves and arrange them inside the jar “pretty side out.” (This step doesn’t have to look perfect. It is supposed to look whimsical!) 3) Once the first jar is full, repeat step 2 with the other jars until all are full. 4) Cut a large piece of twine. 5) The twine tight around center of the jar and make into a bow. 6) Place jars onto plate and scatter extra leaves around jars. This craft cost about $16 to make, and the idea came from Pinterest. Join us next week for another fun, affordable craft you can use to impress your guests at Thanksgiving.

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