Lexington police officer lends helping hand

This video is no longer available.

LEXINGTON, Tenn. — A Lexington police officer was honored Thursday night all because of a moment captured and shared on social media. That moment happened Monday morning when wind chills were in the low 20s. Officer Robbie McCready said when he saw a young man waiting for his school bus wearing only a T-shirt and jeans he had only one thought — he needs a coat. The private moment was captured by an observant and grateful West Tennessean showing Lexington Police Officer Robbie McCready giving a local teen a fleece coat. “He had his hands deep in his pockets trying to get as warm as he could,” McCready said. McCready said the teen told him he did not own a coat. “I could tell he was grateful,” McCready said. “He was a polite young man, and he had a lot of respect.” McCready did not even realize this picture existed until Thursday when the Lexington American Legion Post 77 honored him during its monthly dinner. “We do things that go unnoticed every day. That’s part of our job. It’s humbling to be recognized,” McCready said. “I do accept it on everyone’s behalf that I work with.” Jeff Wood with the American Legion grew up with McCready and said this kind of selflessness is no surprise. “He’s such a great guy, and the Lexington Police Department does such a great job,” Wood said. McCready has been with the department for four years and currently works as community coordinating officer. Wood said his group gives out a handful of outstanding citizenship awards every year. “We need to spread it to the world and let everyone know that everything’s not negative,” Wood said. “There’s still good things that happen out there.” McCready said he was just doing what was right. “We’re trained to care for our citizens. There’s not a day goes by that one of us is not doing something.”

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