Adoption center admits to selling dogs with deadly virus

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ADAMSVILLE, Tenn.– A West Tennessee adoption center is facing scrutiny after a owner admits to giving dogs away with Parvovirus. The founder of Pawsitive Adoption Center, Shayna Rowe, told WBBJ at least three families have received dogs from the center with Parvo. The Center is located in Adamsville, where Rowe says that she had no idea the dogs had Parvo when the other families received them. Rowe told WBBJ she is currently working to fix the problem and will fully refund the families. Rowe says for now, the dogs at the adoption center have been placed under a two week quarantine and are not available for adoption. Experts say 91% of dogs that never receive any treatment for Parvo will die. “You need to take your dog to the vet immediately if you see signs of Parvo with your dog,” Charlie Nickle, with Hardin County Animal Services said. Nickle says the major signs of Parvo in dogs is lethargy, vomiting and a strong odor.

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