Dogs from alleged puppy mill nearly ready for adoption

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HUNTINGDON, Tenn. — Some of the dogs rescued from a suspected puppy mill in Humboldt earlier in November are now back in West Tennessee and nearly ready for adoption. President of Goofy Foot Dog Rescue, Kim Rezac, is also the West Tennessee community liaison for Animal Rescue Corps and was part of the rescue team. “It was definitely one of the worst, but I’m just glad they’re out,” Rezac said. Rezac is fostering the dogs in her Huntingdon home and said she will be strict with the adoption process. “They’ve come from a bad situation and we want them to never be in a bad situation again. We want this to be their last home that they’re ever in,” Rezac said. Rezac said every dog that is rescued is different and that each has an emotional aspect that needs to be addressed before they’re adopted. “We don’t know what they’re been through so we don’t know if they’ve ever been handled by humans. We don’t know what they’re background story is,” Rezac said. The dogs are set to complete their vetting Monday and will be available for adoption in the coming weeks. One of the Yorkies at Rezac’s house is five pounds and pregnant, due any day. Rezac said she and the puppies will be up for adoption further down the road. Heather Dempsey is fostering one of the dogs and said it’s hard to let dogs she’s fostered go. “I make it a point to call the adoptive family the night before they get them and tell them what a joy they’re getting.” Dempsey said she wishes more people would open their homes to foster dogs in need, “fostering for me has just been so fulfilling.” Rezac encourages people during the holiday season to adopt and not buy. “There were 95 dogs that came off property and we have people knocking down the doors to adopt one of these guys, but there’s lots of dogs out there that need to be adopted that are just as deserving,” Rezac said. Rezac said the local adoption fee is $175, which includes all vetting. If you want to adopt one of the dogs visit

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