Local wreckers stay busy on Thanksgiving

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SOUTH JACKSON — While many of us make our way to our Thanksgiving destination, Johnny Clark with Highway 70 Wrecker is on standby if you have trouble along the way. “From flat tires to running out of gas, it’s something as simple as those, some are major, some are minor, you just never know,” Clark said. He said he works Thanksgiving each year, standing by for when someone needs help. “One time I was sitting at the table and the call came in,” Clark said. “I can’t remember the call, I think it was a police call, and yeah, you’ve just got to walk away from the table and go.” Clark said his job requires more than the ability to tow a car. Drivers often rely on him to tell them everything will be OK. “They really appreciate to see you pull up. Regardless of the situation, you try to talk to them, calm them down or try to accommodate them the best you can,” he said. From the driving to the towing, to cleaning up the mess, Clark’s job can be strenuous but he said days like this make his job worth it. “People said ‘I hate to bother you on a holiday, I hate to get you out,’ but it all falls back on, it’s just part of my job,” he said. Clark said the cost of a service call from him on Thanksgiving is the same as any other day. He said drivers tend to be more thoughtful with their tips.

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