West Tennesseans fill carts with marathon shopping sprees

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JACKSON, Tenn. — Early sales didn’t stop thousands from Black Friday bargain hunting. Thousands of West Tennesseans checked items off the Christmas wish list, many with a marathon shopping spree. “I’m kinda passed the tired state at this point,” Abbie Wood said. Wood and two of her co-workers decided to go shopping after working a nine-hour shift overnight at Old Navy. “We were looking for movies because there’s a lot on sale right now,” she said. Wood said while she’s been on both sides of the cash register, she prefers bargain hunting. For some, Black Friday is about snagging hot ticket items such as electronics, toys and games. “We always go Black Friday shopping,” Hannah McCalister said. McCalister and her family have been enjoying post-Thanksgiving shopping for years. Her family is not the only one making a tradition out of going store to store. “Me and my mom have a tradition that we’ve done for the last several years on Black Friday,” Ginger French said. “We stay out all night, shop and get lots of stuff for the kids and the family and just sort of have a girls day.” French said she and her mother traveled to the Hub City to load up on holiday gift items. The duo spent nearly a dozen hours in countless stores. With several retailers offering earlier hours to shop on Thanksgiving, some say they have made dissecting the sale paper a part of their holiday. But not everyone wants to jump-start their shopping. “We don’t like to go on Thursday ’cause we have a late lunch, so we usually just wait until Friday morning,” McCalister said. The National Retail Federation is predicting more than $616 billion in holiday sales.

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