Reverend returns from Missouri, hopeful for future

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JACKSON, Tenn. — Reverend Russell Morrow returned late Sunday night from participating in a walk across Missouri. He said the “Journey for Justice” is about moving past what happened in Ferguson, and determining what needs to change. The initial reaction when no indictment was handed down against Officer Darren Wilson was chaotic, but Reverend Russell Morrow said what he experienced in his 20-mile journey through Missouri was peaceful. “When you move beyond the tragedy of Ferguson and what happened, really good and positive things could occur,” Morrow said. Morrow explained the walk is sparking conversations as old and young people walk side-by-side from Ferguson to the Missouri governor’s mansion. “When you see all these young people marching,” Morrow said, “They’re marching to Jefferson City, and again, I have to say it’s hopeful.” Morrow explained the hope comes even with a mixture of reactions from observers. “We encountered people who would put their thumbs up and say good work, and shout that out, and then there were those persons that said things that weren’t so nice,” Morrow said. Morrow explained that it is all about getting people to talk about what happens now, and plans that include government officials and law enforcement working with citizens to make a difference. Morrow said in West Tennessee, he believes these conversations have been successful, and also sees a silver lining in Missouri. “Even if it means setting aside our opinions and our viewpoints, let’s see how we can do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly before God, so that there can be peace and harmony in the midst of chaos,” Morrow said. Morrow said each day the protestors are walking more than 20 miles. They are expected to arrive in Jefferson City, Missouri to end the demonstration Friday.

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