Police: Christmas trees could attract burglars

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SAVANNAH, Tenn. — Decorating your home for Christmas may make you a target for a burglary, according to police. Big or small, green or white, Christmas trees are a sign it must be the most wonderful time of the year. Police say home and car burglaries typically do increase around the holidays, but there are small steps you can take to make sure your Christmas trees and presents aren’t inviting criminals into your home. Presents are something no tree is complete without, but the gifts are something burglars are drawn to, according to Savannah Police Chief Gary Will. “So you want to put up as many obstacles as you can to prevent them from getting in and stealing from you,” Will said. Police say small steps can keep the Grinch from stealing your Christmas. They suggest shutting your blinds, closing curtains and turning your tree off when you are not home. “The people, when they come through they can see the light, and everybody enjoys Christmas, but I have a few presents under there too,” Savannah homeowner Larry Heart said. Will says while some classic holiday movies suggest criminals target your home, that is unlikely. “A lot of crime is crimes of opportunity,” Will said. “So if you give them that opportunity, they will take it. So if you make it difficult for them, that’s when they move on.” Will said it is hard to pinpoint how much crime increases during the holidays, but he says it does not have to. “This time of year, if everyone takes proper precautions, we can drive the number of thefts and burglaries down,” he said.

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