Tacky sweater sales skyrocket this season

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JACKSON, Tenn. — The tackier, the better. That’s what local thrift stores say brings in much of their holiday business. “I definitely always get asked to compare what is the tackiest to me. So we’re always asked to critique which do we believe is the tackiest, and we help make their decisions,” City Thrift Store employee Stacie Griffin said. Employees at the thrift store said the coveted sweaters sell out fast. Something that previously would have stayed on the shelf is now a hot commodity among those celebrating the season in style. “Tacky Christmas sweaters are very popular as you can see, I’m displaying some of the things that we have available,” Executive Director of RIFA, Lisa Tillman, said. Just down the road at RIFA, Tillman said they see the same surge in traffic. “They’re very popular. It’s kind of a trendy thing to do now, having a tacky Christmas sweater party or gathering or get-together. Thrift store managers said they take advantage of the festive opportunity. “We try to do everything we can to help them – not only do we have the tacky sweaters we try to make them tackier if at all possible and come up with ideas for them,” employee Jeannie Winchester said. While many online businesses increase the price with the increase in demand, thrift store employees said they just hope the fun will bring these holiday customers back through their door. “They’ll realize there’s more stuff they can buy at cheap prices, so they’ll always come back again,” Griffin said. Some sweaters online sell for up to $200, but thrift stores said they sell them anywhere from $5 to $20.

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