Experts provide tips on keeping your deliveries safe

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JACKSON, Tenn. — Christmas is just two weeks away, and many gifts have begun to arrive on the doorsteps of many West Tennessee homes. However, some of those gifts won’t be making it under the Christmas tree and instead into the hands of thieves. The National Retail Federation predicts almost 52 percent of gifts this year will be bought online, therefore increasing the amount of packages being delivered. Shipping experts say their drivers are trained to always keep packages out of sight. Some suggest leaving a note for your driver to place the box in a location to keep the package hidden. “One option that some don’t think about is having the package delivered to work or to a neighbor’s house,” Susan Smith of Express Shipping said. “You can also require a signature so that the package cannot be left on the porch.” Experts say the signature service is a premium, but it will only cost you between $2 and $10. “If they do see someone taking a package, call police, and they will take care of it,” Smith said. “They do a good job of patrolling areas and keeping an eye on neighborhoods.”

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