Police officers in schools

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BROWNSVILLE, Tenn — City officials said a grant approved Tuesday, gave Brownsville Police the funds for two additional officers to be placed in the local school system. According to Brownsville Police Chief Chris Lea, the officers will be placed in East Side Elementary and Sunny Hill Innovative Learning Center respectively. “I think it’s going to be a great addition to the school to have a role model, as well as an educator and someone the kids can talk to and learn about,” said Chief Lea. He also said the grant amounted to about $184,000 and will cover the officer’s salaries, supplies, and programs to teach children public safety. Drayton Hawkins, Director of the Sunny Hill Learning Center, said he appreciates the police presence. “I learned that growing up as a young adult that police was somebody I could talk to. In today’s society sometimes they’re seen as the enemy. So, hopefully this will be a positive working relationship,” said Hawkins. Chief Lea said the grant completely covers the officers’ necessities for the first year, afterwards the school board and city will partially contribute financially for the next two years.

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