Haywood Co. Middle School drainage issue floods ball field

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BROWNSVILLE, Tenn — School officials said Thursday, a drainage issue at Haywood County Middle School is being fixed before it damages the yards of nearby residences. The problem, according to officials, is a drain flooding rain water into the school’s baseball practice field. School officials said to fix the problem it will cost $29,000 that they have in the form of federal grant funds. Superintendent Art Garrett said that because of the grant, additional funding shouldn’t be necessary. “With any building project there are things that come up that you might not have planned on,” said Garrett. He said the solution is construction that will draw the drain’s path away from campus and residences without causing further damage. Lori Parks, lived in the area for years, and the construction is right at the border of her backyard. “I hope they’re gonna take measures to get it fixed. So the guys can have a good practice field out there,” said Parks. She also said she’s glad the school is taking proactive steps, before the problem worsens. School officials said they are not sure when construction will be completed.

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