Local fire chief talks about driver training

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BOLIVAR, Tenn .– After a West Tennessee fireman was tragically killed Tuesday when driving to the scene of a fire, a local fire chief talks about the amount of training every driver goes through before being certified. Gus Loseleben of the Hardin County Fire Department was one of two men killed on Tuesday. Troopers said the fire truck he was driving collided with a log truck, killing both men. Chief Lynn Price of the Bolivar Fire Department said that every drive must undergo nearly 100 hours of training before certified. “My firefighters going to a structure fire is not my biggest fear, it’s driving and getting there that scares me most,” said Chief Price. He said the training consists of multiple skills such as maneuvering, high speeds and different routes. “Accidents happen, but a chief never puts someone in harms way or a firefighter in harms way. They are properly trained before they operate a vehicle,” Price said. At the Bolivar station, Chief Price said they require drivers to go through an extra 6 hours per month done by a city training official. “Look out for fire trucks and sirens, you will hear a distinct pitch when you are very close to an engine,” said Price.

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