Students going home sick because of spreading germs

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McNAIRY COUNTY, Tenn. — A stomach virus, strep throat, and the flu, and a few of the things school officials said are spreading at McNairy County schools. “We always take some precautions from a custodial aspect, spending a little more time with Clorox wipes, things like that with desks, water fountains, doorknobs,” Michie School Principal Wayne Henry said. Henry said students are getting sick at a higher rate this year, nothing to be worried about, but definitely a noticeable trend. Some classrooms are seeing five and six students absent each day. Health officials believe it could be partially due to the weakness in this year’s flu vaccine. “Roughly about 50 percent of those vaccinated, the vaccine itself won’t be as effective this year,” Nurse practitioner Matthew King of Fast Pace Urgent Care in Selmer said. Health officials also said the best way to prevent the spread of these germs is always to keep washing hands often with soap and water. They say 15 seconds is the magic number to wash. Health officials said the holiday break will also help decrease the spread of these viruses.

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