Stowe addresses TBI support in letter to director

JACKSON, Tenn. — District Attorney Matt Stowe sent a letter Monday to Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Director Mark Gwyn “in order to insure there is no confusion” and emphasize he does not want the TBI to withdraw support from the 24th Judicial District. However, he asks the letter be considered a formal request for TBI support. The TBI is responsible for providing support to local law enforcement agencies in joint investigations at the request of the local district attorney, according to the bureau’s website. The 24th Judicial District includes Benton, Carroll, Decatur, Hardin and Henry counties. WBBJ obtained a copy of the letter, which Stowe sent to Gwyn on Monday and faxed Tuesday afternoon to law enforcement heads throughout his district. The TBI has confirmed a meeting took place earlier Tuesday but would not say what was discussed. Multiple sources who attended the meeting in Parsons have said Gwyn announced that, at the decision of Stowe, TBI support no longer would be available for agencies in Stowe’s judicial district effective immediately. The meeting was called by the TBI about 24 hours in advance with no details provided, and Matt Stowe was invited but did not attend, sources have said. In the letter, Stowe refers to a Friday meeting with TBI agents that “became unexpectedly heated and somewhat emotional.” “I believe a disagreement between us and other attorneys about the Bobo investigation should remain an argument between us and other attorneys about the Bobo investigation,” Stowe states in the letter. “Please accept this letter as a formal request from the District Attorney’s Office of the 24th Judicial District for the participation and assistance of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in all criminal matters,” Stowe writes. TBI representatives say they cannot confirm or deny Stowe’s request to suspend TBI support.

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