Fifth graders dribble their way to success

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JACKSON, Tenn. — Fifth grade students at Jackson Career and Technology Magnet Elementary were rewarded Thursday night for their good behavior by having the privilege of playing basketball against some of Jackson’s finest. One of Jackson’s Finest was our own Good Morning West Tennessee anchor Bart Barker. “It is time to start, isn’t it? Oh yes,” Davian Brooks said. Brooks and Chancellor Noble were two of the well behaved 25 fifth graders chosen to play in the third annual Bulldogs versus All-Stars game. “They have to behave everywhere so it’s not just in the homeroom classroom it’s an incentive to behave all over the school,” JCT Principal Carolyn Caldwell said. “Our teacher had a conduct sheet so if you get so many marks you can’t play or you get kicked off the team if you’re already on it,” Noble said. Principal Caldwell said it’s a fun night they look forward to each year. Davian Brooks agreed. “I’ve been very excited and this has always been my dream and this will be the beginning of my career.” Coaches for both teams expressed their enthusiasm. “They were super excited to play against the older gentlemen and I told them to have a lot of fun,” Bulldogs coach Ron Plemons said. “You know I have to whip ’em in shape because they think because they’re Jackson’s finest they think they don’t have to come to practice,” All-Stars coach Tina Mercer said. Principal Caldwell said the next group of players are already warming up. “The fourth grade students are already working towards their good behavior so they know next year they’ll get a chance to participate in this so it’s a lot of fun.” A nice start to the student’s Christmas vacation — the Bulldogs came out on top with a score of 56-48, against Jackson’s Finest.

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