Stowe maintains he never asked TBI to leave his district

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DECATUR COUNTY, Tenn. — 24th Judicial District Attorney General Matt Stowe said the TBI’s claims he asked the Bureau to move out of his district are not true. “They are exaggerations,” Stowe said. He did say a meeting last week between him and TBI Director Mark Gwyn about Holly Bobo trial preparation ended in a heated argument. “We did not reach a resolution concerning the dispute we were having on the Bobo case, and next thing I know on Monday all the resources are getting yanked out of my district,” he said. Stowe said he immediately sent Gwyn a letter saying that was not how he wanted to leave their argument. “To my knowledge, those services have still not been restored,” Stowe said. “Every second is killing us here. We are in the middle of the Holly Bobo litigation with a bill of particulars due in now six days,” he said. In court on Wednesday, Judge Creed McGinley told Stowe he had seven days to provide evidence to Zach and Dylan Adams’ and Jason Autry’s attorneys so they can prepare for trial. Thursday, Stowe told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News he would try to resolve the issue with Gwyn later that day. “The people of judicial district 24 pay tax dollars — they pay Director Gwyn’s salary,” Stowe said. “They expect services in return. He can’t quit anymore than I can quit.” “Everyone should go home and sleep soundly tonight knowing this situation is going to be resolved,” he said. Thursday evening, the TBI sent a release stating Stowe requested a special prosecutor to handle the Holly Bobo case in his place and that TBI support was restored in his district. Stowe was elected in August, beating incumbent Hansel McCadams.

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