Hundreds of pounds of meat stolen from BBQ restaurant

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TRENTON, Tenn. — An unusual burglary in Gibson County, after a well known BBQ restaurant finds itself with a little less meat in the smoker. This comes after the Trenton Police Department said hundreds of pounds of meat, worth more than $1,000 was stolen from a local restaurant. “6 cases of shoulder, 2 cases of baby back ribs, chicken, and bologna,” owner Douglas Seward said. “I looked and someone broke in the cooler.” Seward said the burglars tore the hinges right off his walk in freezer, which sits just outside of his Trenton restaurant,. “This Is It BBQ”. “It’s not the first time, so it didn’t really shock me,” Seward said. “It just surprised me.” Seward said he has had four break-ins since opening 17 years ago and it is usually people looking to make a quick buck off of selling the meat. “They’re breaking in places all over now,” Seward said. “I’d rather them break in here rather than come in here with a gun and rob me.” But Seward said this is the last straw and he is now purchased a new state of the art security system to try and catch the meat thieves in the act. “We’re going to try and prevent it,” Seward said. “We’re going to put cameras up everywhere.” In the end, those who work for the restaurant say they still took a big hit. “I’m sure, through the holidays, we’ll bounce back,” Lottie Johnson said. “And hopefully whoever did this will be caught.” Anyone with information on the burglary is asked to call the Trenton Police Department at (731) 855-1413.

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