New details on how inmates were able to overpower jailers

This video is no longer available.

JACKSON– Sheriff John Mehr gives new details on how two inmates were able to overpower jailers at the Downtown Jackson Annex on December 12. “They used a mop bucket. They put a lot of water onto the floor. The correctional officers took a mop bucket to them. When they went back to get the buck that’s when the inmates overpowered them,” Mehr said. After reviewing surveillance video, Mehr said no protocols were violated. He said the jailers did what they were trained to do. According to Mehr, there were four other inmates inside the cell where the jailers were overpowered. He says the other four closed the cell door and did not try to escape. “We won’t be putting in any additional correctional officers. This was just an isolated incident that they planned, it was a poor plan because they didn’t get anywhere,” Mehr said. Mehr said the inmates were not supposed to be in the annex but due to overcrowding at the Criminal Justice Complex they had no other choice. Mehr would not release the names of the inmates until an investigation is complete. He said the inmates who attempted to escape have previous charges of robbery, aggravated assault and aggravated kidnapping.

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