Police offer tips to prevent post-Christmas burglaries

NEWBERN, Tenn. — Christmas 2014 is now behind us, but police say thieves could cruise the neighborhood for signs of what was under your tree this holiday season. Newbern Police Department officials said after Christmas they usually see an increase in thefts and burglaries. “It kind of opens up an invitation for would-be thieves and maybe entice them a little bit to break in the house,” said Lt. Rodney Wright. He said leaving the wrapping for big-ticket Christmas items curbside can be seen as a glowing neon sign to thieves. “In the past, we have seen incidents where maybe we put these boxes out by the curbside, and we just advertised what we got for Christmas that’s in the house,” Wright said. Sam Criswell was visiting family in Newbern, but he says this problem hits people everywhere. “I have seen neighbors have a big box. So, you know they have the big-screen TV or something really neat for Christmas,” Criswell said. Officials aid there are ways to prevent these types of post-holiday crimes. Inside city hall, officials said residents can obtain permits free of charge to dump their large boxes at the city landfill. Wright said if residents do not want to make the drive down to city hall, there are ways they could cut down on potential theft right at home. “They could try to break those boxes down to put them in their trash cans by the road rather than just be out there,” Wright said. He said this extra effort by residents helps law enforcement combat crime and keep the holidays a happy experience.

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