Local fire capt. shares 2014’s most common fire starters

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — Red Cross officials said this year they’ve helped more people affected by house fires than all other disasters combined. Fire department officials in Madison County shared the top causes they have seen in house fires. Officials said cooking is the most common cause of house fires in Madison County and the nation. Capt. Don Friddle said people leaving stoves and ovens unattended for even short periods of time can be dangerous. “We recommend that they definitely stay in the kitchen and remain with the food while it is cooking,” Friddle said. “The common cause of a cooking fire is people leaving it unattended.” He also said that warming frozen pipes with heating appliances or open flames was the most common cause of house fires in the beginning of this year. “We probably had eight to ten of those types of calls within Madison County within a two- to three-week period of time,” Friddle said. According to Friddle, the next most common house fire causes were overused electrical outlets and extension cords.

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