2nd shooting in less than 4 months for one Brownsville Street

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BROWNSVILLE, Tenn.,–A second shooting in less than four months on Young Street took place Friday night, according to Brownsville police. In August, Jarvis Antawn Hines, 23, died from a fatal shooting only a few houses down from where police say the most recent shooting occurred. Police are calling this one, a drive-by. Residents said they see police presence in the neighborhood, but still do not feel safe.”It’s gonna stay happening ’til the police do something about it. The Brownsville police, they steady riding but they can’t find nobody,” Deshawn Estes said. Police said at least six cars were hit by the spray of bullets. Estes said his vehicle was one of them. “So much damage to it, I can’t even drive it now,” he said. Estes estimates about $10,000 worth of damage to his car, claiming the bullets took out his windshield, mirrors and doors. Rosetta Houston said she grew up just around the corner from Young Street and has only noticed the up-tick in gun violence over the past year. “I was born and raised around here and when we was growing up as little kids, everything was pretty much like it is now except the violence,” she said. Houston said her mother still lives in the house she grew up in. She said if the two hear gunshots, they typically fall to the floor until the shots stop. Police say they believe a dark, four-door vehicle was involved in the drive-by shooting. They are asking any information to call Crime Stoppers at (731) 772-2274.

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