Low gas prices in high demand

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EAST JACKSON — As gas prices continue to fall, lines at the pump continue to grow. “I can’t even remember the last time — I know it’s been maybe five years or more since I’ve seen it this slow,” driver Shaka Smith said. Smith said the small prices make a big difference. “Normally, I would do 40 to fill up,” she said. “Now it takes 25, so it’s awesome. That extra savings goes toward groceries for the kids.” Drivers said they cannot remember the last time they saw prices this low. GasBuddy.com said Tennessee last saw gas under $2 in March of 2009. “It makes a huge difference for families like us that are middle class,” driver Ashley Kee said. “We want to save our money. We want to keep our money.” “The low prices can continue to go down. If they go down to 75 cents where they were when I was a young kid I’d really be happy, but I’m impressed now,” Solomon Whitman said. Big savers said they are taking advantage of the savings since they don’t know how long they will stay. “Now I want to go back home and get my gas cans and fill up so when it does go back up I have more than what I need,” Smith said. GasBuddy.com said the lowest gas in Jackson on Tuesday was $1.87 a gallon. The site also said this time last year gas was just over $3.00 a gallon.

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