National Divorce Month

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JACKSON, Tenn — Studies shows January is the month of the year with one of the highest number of divorces filed. Attorneys and therapists in Jackson said after the holidays couples said they feel more comfortable to make the relationship ending decision. The office of Divorce Incorporated in Jackson said they can receive more than 100 calls from potential clients researching their options with divorce. “Nobody wants to file a divorce during the holidays. Nobody wants to disrupt the family get together,” said Mark Baldwin, LifeWorks Resources therapist. He said couple wait until after the new year celebrations to make the move, and the stress from the holidays could be a contributing factor. “We see a lot of interest around the first of the year. We try to tell people to have as many agreements as possible to try to tell people to have as many agreements in place as you can,” said attorney Michael Casey, with Divorce Inc. He recommended those seeking a divorce make sure they have the financial means to go through the sometime lengthy process. He also said to obtain documents or evidence on property ownership and debt. Baldwin said to avoid going to the divorce attorneys use the new year to make a new marriage. “They can reconcile. They can begin to make a new commitment to make individual changes and changes as a couple,” said Baldwin. He also said most couples don’t seek help when they feel their relationship is on the rocks and even fewer seek professional help.

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