Suspect’s Attorney will ask DA Stowe to testify in Holly Bobo case

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Tenn. — The man who once represented the state in the Holly Bobo case will now likely testify as a witness for the defense. Jason Autry’s attorney Fletcher Long said he will subpoena District Attorney Matt Stowe to ask why he was not willing to work with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in the Holly Bobo case. “I believe General Stowe’s recusal came about because he was mindful of the ethical considerations concerning withdrawing in favor of being a witness,” Fletcher Long said. Long said he thinks District Attorney General Matt Stowe argued with TBI director Mark Gwyn in December because he’s not confident in the case’s evidence but Long said he wants to hear it directly from Stowe under oath. “A jury could hear that and say I find that there’s nothing to which any agent from the TBI could testify that I would hold to be credible,” he said. Last week Long asked Judge Creed McGinley to dismiss all charges against Autry and Zach Adams. They are both charged with Bobo’s kidnapping and murder. The state missed the deadline to provide the attorneys with evidence tying the two men to the murder case. “I’m very suspicious they do not have a skull with dental records that are a match to Holly Bobo,” Long said, “not withstanding the fact that was announced.” Long has not seen any evidence the state has gathered and for now both the TBI and Stowe are silent about the Bobo case leaving a lot of room for speculation. “If the TBI has truly expanded the most amount of resources in its history in conducting this criminal investigation it’s fairly pitiful that with the expanse of that amount of resources they can not inculpate Mr. Autry,” he said. Long said Stowe does have the right to fight the subpoena, but that would only delay the case more. The Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference said the presiding judge will reschedule hearings scheduled for this month for the three suspects so the new prosecutor will have time to prepare. Stowe asked last month to be replaced by a special prosecutor in the case following disagreements with TBI officials.

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