New Bobo case prosecutor: I am confident in TBI

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The newly appointed special prosecutor for the Holly Bobo case said she is confident she can bring the controversial case to a close. “I am determined to make sure that the right thing happens on this case to make sure that Holly receives justice,” Jennifer Nichols said. Nichols accepted the request by the Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference on Tuesday to take over the prosecution. “I’m really going to put my head down and get to work,” Nichols said. Nichols, a deputy district attorney in Shelby County, said she refuses to focus on what has happened outside of the courtroom. She said she will not discuss why Matt Stowe recused himself from the case after an argument with the TBI in December. “General Stowe is the district attorney for Judicial District 24, an intelligent man who can speak for himself,” she said. Nichols said she is aware of claims Stowe accused the TBI of misconduct. She also knows the attorney for prime suspect Jason Autry plans to subpoena Stowe. Nichols said she trusts the evidence in this case. “Yes, I have confidence in those that investigated this case,” she said. “I have confidence in my office’s ability to present that evidence to a jury, and that’s my game plan.” The hearings originally scheduled for later this month for Jason Autry as well as fellow suspects Zach and Dylan Adams have been postponed by the judge so Nichols can get up to speed on the case. Nichols was appointed to district attorney Stowe’s team when he was still on the case. He said he brought her in because of her experience with death penalty cases.

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