Health Watch: Yellow Dot Program for seniors

A nationwide program designed to help seniors in the event of a vehicle accident is now offered in West Tennessee. With minutes critical in an emergency response, the Yellow Dot Program could provide some added peace of mind. The mission of the program is to provide faster treatment for seniors during accidents. “The Yellow Dot Program is an easy, easy program to get involved in. It’s five easy steps,” said Regina Smith, senior services manager with West Tennessee Healthcare. These are the steps to take part in the program: One: Have someone print a current photo of you. Two: Place that photo in the front of the Yellow Dot pamphlet. Three: Fill out the emergency medical information and insert that information inside the pamphlet. Four: Put the yellow dot decal on the rear driver’s side window. Five: Make sure the completed Yellow Dot packet is kept inside your glove compartment. “When first responders get information out of the glove box, that could save a great amount of time knowing the information that you’ve already provided about your medical condition,” Dr. David James said. More and more people are participating in the Yellow Dot Program every day. “We have had many phone calls with people wanting to schedule events and have us come out to tell their congregations and their churches and civic groups about this program,” James said.

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