Brownsville Neighborhood Watch group speaks out

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — Residents in Brownsville held a special neighborhood watch meeting Thursday night after a shooting occurred right outside their door. Police said the shooting occurred Tuesday evening on Thomas Street near Fairgrounds Road, outside the Neighborhood Watch Center. Two victims said they were walking to the store when they were approached by a dark SUV. Three men exited the vehicle and opened fire. The two ran while at least one gunman chased them, but they reached safety with minor injuries. The gunfire damaged a nearby business and the center. “It makes it hit right at home if the violence happened at the neighborhood watch,” said Reginald Averyheart, a Brownsville resident. During the meeting some residents said the fear of backlash and distrust of the police caused the most problems with solving crime in the city. “They’re afraid that it’s going to be some retaliation towards them if they say anything,” Averyheart said. “So people are not saying anything. They’re scared.” Even though no police officers were present at the meeting, resident Nicole Johnson said she still hopes the community can improve. “We can’t blame things on them and vice versa. We all have to work in this together if we’re going to change our community,” Johnson said. Police officials said residents can give information anonymously by contacting Crime Stoppers at 731-772-2274.

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