Brownsville bags lunches to prevent violence

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BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — Burgers were on the grill Saturday afternoon for the first brown bag lunch giveaway in Brownsville. After the shooting Tuesday evening left their center riddled with bullets, volunteers at the North Brownsville Neighborhood Watch Center said they fed those in need and spoke to at-risk youth. Tom Averyheart, organizer and city alderman, said after hearing safety concerns during the most recent neighborhood watch meeting he determined helping the city’s youth was the best way to curb the violence. He said one of the issues in the community is that some of the children go hungry over the weekend without school lunches. This lunch giveaway was intended to be a way to help. “I can’t cook, so we had volunteers come, and they’ve been here cooking for four hours,” Averyheart said. Coordinators said about 30 people came to the event and left with brown bag lunches. “You don’t want them out in the street doing other things. This is giving them something to look forward to during the week,” resident and volunteer Aneadra Pearson said. Pearson said her 4-year-old daughter deserves to feel safe growing up in the city. Averyheart explained putting words into action was a step toward making Brownsville a better city. “We began to know them, which will create more positive attitude and atmosphere in the community,” Averyheart said. Event coordinators said this will be a weekly event from noon until 2 p.m. every Saturday at the center. They plan on adding more activities to the giveaway as the event grows in attendance.

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