West Tennesseans make play for $450M Powerball jackpot

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JACKSON, Tenn. — Some Jackson convenient stores reported an increase in lottery ticket sales. “They come in and they say ‘you make sure you give me the winning ticket or I’m coming back….and not to gamble’,” nightshift leader at Old Medina Market, Timothy Bradford said. To play, each ticket costs $2. Adding the power play option increases the price to $3. “If you do win the entire Powerball, you don’t need it because it won’t double your winnings but it’s a good option, because if you get 3 or numbers you can double that,” Bradford said. All it takes to walk away with millions is the right six numbers. “Sometimes it’s just let the machine pick and then do your own,” Dalton said. Dalton said he plays the Powerball weekly. Some West Tennesseans said they know exactly how to spend potential winnings. “It’s a lot of money that you could really use and benefit from in life. You could change peoples’ life with it. You could change your own life and just could benefit everybody surrounding where it’s won,” Dalton said. The odds of winning are one in 175 million. The largest Powerball recorded is $590 million.

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