Save Our Streets Kickoff

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BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — The second event for Brownsville’s ‘Save our Streets’ initiative started Thursday night during the neighborhood watch meeting for Ward 2. One of the goals of the initiative is to bridge the gap of communication and trust between police officers and the community. During Thursday’s meeting residents were able to speak directly to law enforcement on their concerns with the city. “My residents are not afraid of the police. They feel like the police are their friends ’cause I have encouraged them to feel that way,” said city alderman Carolyn Flaggs. She said the mayor picked her neighborhood watch meeting because of the residential participation. More than 50 residents were in attendance, and about nine Brownsville police department officials. The police chief and other officers responded to these claims by saying they cannot fight crime alone, and that a bond must be made with the community. “Not just when you have a problem, but when we see you walking down the street we can say, ‘hi’ and they can say ‘hi.’ It makes a stronger connection that way,” said Capt. Chuck Willis, Brownsville Police Dept. The Mayor said that more details of the initiative will be finalized after hearing feed back from the community.

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