Power Line Safety from Icy Branches

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JACKSON, Tenn.- When branches fall onto the power lines, experts said anything below or near branches could be in danger; like homes or power lines. “Best thing you could do is have a certified arborist periodically check out your trees,” said Sam Spence, a certified arborist. “I recommend doing that once a year.” He said keeping your trees healthy before a storm strike makes them less likely to fall or break. “If a limb does come down, you would want to assess the situation. I wouldn’t recommend anyone getting in over their head,” said Spence. In other words, never try to move a limb that has fallen on a power line without calling your utility company first. “If you do notice the service down to your home call JEA and we’ll get your service restored. But on private property that would be the homeowner to clear that debris,” said Robert Mullins, manager of operations at JEA. Remember that if you are driving and see power lines that are down, there are a few things to be aware of. “Be aware of limbs on the ground. Be aware of low hanging lines. And also be aware with road conditions like they are. If there is a vehicle accident that the safest place is to stay inside your car,” said Mullins.

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