Icy Roof Removal Safety

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JACKSON, Tenn. –Ice can be heavy as it starts to build up on your roof. It can also lead to damage as it starts to melt. Lee Strong, owner of Certified Restoration, encourages homeowners to stay off their roofs while it is still slick. Strong said the build up of ice and snow on your roof is called “ice damming” and that it can happen on top of your gutters too. He suggests to everyone “basically stay off the roof, it’s a safety hazard for the owners to try and get up there and remove it. Let the professionals do it.” While it is icy out, it is even dangerous for the professionals to get on your roof. If you do have a leak, maintain it with towels and buckets as much as possible before conditions become safe for roofers to fix the problem. There are always emergency services available if leaks get out of control. But homeowner Paul Stewart said he is not as concerned about the ice this time around. “I’ve had to replace the roof, 5 times, 4 with the shingles and the last time I decided I wasn’t gonna do it no more and put the metal up,” said Stewart. Although metal rooftops are sturdier in the weather, Strong said shingle roofs are more common. Damage could occur and homeowners could be unaware until down the road. “Basically you won’t know until everything dries up and all the snow is gone and we can go out there and evaluate your shingles,” said Strong.

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