Tips for winter road driving

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JACKSON, Tenn. — As the winter weather road conditions continues, local driver instructors gave tips, Tuesday, to help drivers stay safe. Montie Dickey, 35-year veteran driving instructor at Milan Express, said because local severe weather is so rare, some drivers have difficulty navigating the icy terrain. Even though his usual expertise is with big rigs he said automobiles have similar issues. “Automobile drivers, they still don’t know they need to slow down in the inclement weather, and they tend to take more chances,” said Dickey. He said tapping the brake when driving on ice instead of slamming down onto it, will decrease the chance of sliding or losing control of the vehicle. Overuse of the accelerator or brake can easily cause traffic accidents on icy roads. He also recommended a slower speed than usual during freezing road conditions, and there should be a four second space between vehicles. Robert Garner said he is traveling from Nashville to Arkansas,and he believed following these tips are the safest way to his special homecoming. “My wife’s gong into labor Friday. She’s getting induced. So, I figure I’d head out now, and miss the new storm coming tomorrow,” said Garner. Dickey said driving on ice is a different challenge than driving on snow, because ice has no traction and makes it more likely for a car to slide.

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