Emergency director gives tips for winter dangers

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JACKSON, Tenn. — An emergency manager gave tips to prevent winter weather dangers Friday during another round of severe weather conditions. Marty Clements is the director of the Jackson-Madison County Emergency Management Agency. He said most accidents during winter weather are caused by people not being prepared. “The main thing is it’s still slick,” Clements said. “There’s still exposure out here.” He said the decrease in temperature could lead to an increase in danger and that the most common danger is falling. “Take slower, smaller steps so that you can keep your balance,” he said. He also said to make an effort to resist reaching your arms back when falling. “Go with it. Don’t try to throw an arm down,” Clements said. “People break their arms, their shoulders, their hips and everything. So you have to be careful.” He also recommended filling up your car’s tank at the pump for emergencies, or in the possibility you’re trapped in your car for an extended period of time and need the working heater. Resident Shane Hollin said he was at the gas station following that advice. “This is why I stopped here at the pump today was to go ahead and fill up before heading home in case I got into any trouble,” said Hollin. Clements said wear heavy clothing to avoid direct exposure to the cold air, and to stay inside unless absolutely necessary.

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