Prison guard arrested after allegedly assaulting Brownsville police officer

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BROWNSVILLE. Tenn. — A West Tennessee prison guard was arrested, accused of attacking a local police officer. Brownsville police said after pulling over a car Sunday morning, they became the target of people in the neighborhood. However, those who live in the area of north Brownsville said that was not the case. Sgt. Demon Jarmon, who works at the Whiteville Correctional Facility, was arrested Sunday after an incident involving a Brownsville policeman. His brother, who did not want to be named, says he wants justice for his brother. “I was telling him to keep your hands up, put your hands in the air so they won’t shoot you,” the brother said. He said Brownsville police went too far after pulling over a driver Sunday morning. Brownsville police said the car was stopped for speeding near a home on Tisdale Street. Officers said people in the neighborhood started yelling at them. Jarmon was among them. His brother said Jarmon was just trying to protect the driver, who was also their cousin. “Me and my brother was telling my cousin to keep his hand up in the air, then the officer got mad,” the brother said. He said he told the officers they were recording them, and that is when he says Officer David Culver approached them as they stood on their porch. “But when he reached for him, he slipped and fell,” the brother said. “My brother moved his arm away from him, and he went into the house.” Police said Culver was pushed from the porch. Jarmon was arrested and then released on bond. Kelsey Moore was the only person willing to talk on camera and said this is a good area for her and her son. “This is a great neighborhood,” Moore said. “We have little small things that happen, but overall it’s a great neighborhood.” Jarmon’s brother said he just wants to see justice. According to an email from Brownsville police, “Officer Culver was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital and released. Jarmon is charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer.” Our calls to Brownsville police Monday requesting an on-camera interview went unanswered.

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