Phony 911 call sends officers into elderly woman’s home

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SAVANNAH, Tenn. — A 911 caller told dispatch Wednesday night he had stabbed his father and that both of his parents were in the basement of his residence. He also said he would kill his sister if law enforcement entered the home. It turns out this was a prank that didn’t have first-responders laughing, because it put law enforcement agencies and the public in danger. Savannah police, Hardin County deputies and the Tennessee Highway Patrol swarmed the house. Savannah police said this disturbing 911 call has become a problem across the United States over the years. “They’re trying to get us to overreact and commit excessive resources to these calls for whatever reason,” Savannah Police Chief Gary Will Jr. said. The situation nearly put the unsuspecting homeowner in cardiac arrest. “It was an elderly woman and her adult son that did cause distress for her,” Will said. “There were medical issues we then had to deal with for her.” Law enforcement officers were lead to Central Avenue Wednesday night, but the caller is difficult to track down because he didn’t dial 911 through a regular phone. “The call came in on a business line instead of a 911 line, and it appears they used voiceover Internet type of technology,” Will said. “They are traceable, but it’s just more difficult for us to do.” Calls like this not only put law enforcement in danger but cost hundreds of taxpayer dollars. If found, the caller could face charges of initiating a false report and reckless endangerment.

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