Local expert talks about pesticide safety

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NORTH JACKSON — It’s spring time, which means pollen counts are up, flowers are blooming and bugs are crawling. Some may be wary to get their homes sprayed after a Delaware family was poisoned by pesticides while vacationing in the Virgin Islands. However, local experts remind us that is an extreme exception. They say what’s used in your home is formulated to target bugs and safe for everyone else. Reputable companies also require exterminators go through special training. “There are precautions that we have to take, we’re required by law to take and we’re trained to do that in these certifications classes that we take,” said Marty Dyer, vice president of Golden Circle Exterminators. Dyer says products are so safe now many don’t even have caution labels. He encourages residents to research any company before allowing them into your home.

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