Public safety experts share life-saving info in Union City

UNION CITY, Tenn. — More than 100 public safety experts are learning more about their field and how to save lives. Nathan Lee, president of the Denise Amber Lee Foundation, and Geoff Weiss, dispatch supervisor with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, the third largest sheriff’s department in the nation, will be in Union City three days to teach personnel from West Tennessee and Western Kentucky. Lee and Weiss teamed up after Weiss heard about the death of Lee’s wife, Denise Amber Lee, who was kidnapped, raped and murdered in 2008. Weiss reached out to Lee about how public safety professionals work to prevent tragedies such as the death of Lee’s wife. Lee has become an advocate for public safety training and better location accuracy in the wireless phone industry. County Mayor Benny McGuire proclaimed Tuesday as “Denise Amber Lee Day” in Obion County in memory of Lee’s wife. The Denise Amber Lee class is being hosted by Obion County 911.

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