Former judge’s property tax delinquency

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JACKSON, Tenn. — Tax records show a property off North Highland Avenue hasn’t had property taxes paid on it since 2008, totaling nearly $13,000 in county taxes and more than $3,000 in city taxes. Documents list the owner of the property as former 26th Circuit Court Judge Nathan Pride, which means those taxes went unpaid while he was on the bench serving as an elected official. According to Madison County officials, Pride responded to a notice of the late charges last summer. “June of this past year. Looks like we’ve got a card that was signed for June 24th,” Madison County Attorney Steve Maroney said. Maroney said this property tax case could be headed to court soon. “This property is, alphabetically, it falls within the next list that we would be looking to take judgement on in June,” Maroney said. WBBJ spoke with Pride on Friday. He said he put the property in somebody else’s hands back in 2005, then put it back in his name in January 2015. Pride said when they became aware of the problem, they began the process to fix the error. County officials said if the taxes aren’t paid, the county could auction off Pride’s property. “If the tax remains unpaid we should take a judgement in June, and then the property would be among those we tried to work up for the next property tax sale,” Maroney said. Pride was elected in 2012 in a special election and served until he was beat by Kyle Atkins in 2014. County officials said if there is a judgement passed on the property, Pride would have a year to pay off the property taxes to keep ownership of the land.

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